Hi-Tech Truck Bed Coating for a Textured Non-Skid Finish


  • 15 oz
  • Durable, abrasion resistant
  • Textured, non-skid finish
  • Use on truck beds, tailgates, bed rails and running boards
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  • Hi-Tech Truck Bed Coating provides a black matte, textured, non-skid finish for Truck Beds, Tailgates, Bed Rails and Running Boards. Easy to use aerosol spray can.
  • Do you have a damaged bed liner, bed rails, or running boards? Then, this is the perfect spray in liner product for you! You can repair a damaged truck bed liner in minutes, it fills in the damage making it look like new again and protects the areas from any additional damage.
  • Adds protection and provides a non-skid finish for running boards. Looks great on wheel wells, too.
  • Use on bare or primed metal. Just be sure the surface is free of rust, oil, or grease for best adhesion.
  • Gives faded bed liners new life, repairs Spray-in Bed Liners, durable and abrasion resistant, textured non-skid finish